Kofukan Karate Australia

Kofukan Australia welcomes a new Shodan black belt

Kofukan Karate Australia is proud to welcome a new Shodan (1st Dan Black Belt) to our ranks.

On 12 June 2022, Corey Parker successfully graded at his home dojo, Kofukan Byford Dojo, in front of panel of black belts. Two other students, Alfred Koenig (Kwinana) and Connor Humphreys (Mandurah) also completed the grading to 1st Kyu Brown Belt.

Corey demonstrated great effort and dedication at his grading.

“Like many others my goal was to achieve that Black Belt,” said Corey in his application, “but since training I have learnt that even if you get that Black Belt it is not the end of your training but the start.”

Corey Parker, Alfred Koenig and Connor Humphreys at the grading.

The June grading was the first using new assessment sheets developed by the Association’s Technical Committee to ensure unform standards and clear expectations for senior students attempting panel gradings. These assessment sheets are available for students to download in the Member Area.

The grading was also the first time that an open training session was held before a panel grading, bringing together approximately 20 students from across all Perth dojos, some of whom stayed to assist those grading with sparring and partner work.

The Association aims to hold similar open training sessions that are free for members, prior to panel gradings. Keep an eye on the Events Calendar and subscribe to the mailing list to ensure you receive information about these events.

Black Belts, Brown Belts and other senior students after the panel grading on 12 June 2022.