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Please use the form below to register and become a member of Kofukan Karate Australia.

If you are already a member and logged in, you can also renew your membership on this page (make sure the heading says “Upgrade or renew your membership”).

Please note, this form does not sign you up with a club/dojo for training. See the Find a Dojo page for their contact details.

If you have any problems submitting this form or making the payment, please Contact Us

***Parents: the First Name and Last Name in the form is the name of the student. Parent name can be noted later in the form. Every student must be separately registered. See FAQs below if your child does not have their own email address***

***You are logged in. Completing the payment below will renew your membership for a further 1 year. To register a new member, please sign out first.

If you do not see any payment information below, you have set your membership to automatically renew – please go to Your Account.***

Register New Account

Select the dojo at which you usually train

Format dd-mm-yyyy. The member/student's birthday is required as we need to classify membership by age.

Optional field for parent name where the contact details are for a parent or guardian rather than the member

Full Residential or Postal Address of the Member

Diversity information (select any that apply)Providing us information about your background helps us with data for funding applications

Choose Your Payment Method


Choosing a username

A username can be anything you like, but we suggest it is easy to remember.

For example:

  • FirstnameLastname (eg DanielLarusso)
  • FirstnameBirthyear (eg Daniel1966)
Registering more than one person? Read this

You will need to register and pay for each person separately. Once the first registration has been processed, you will be logged into the Member Area. You must sign out and return to this page to register the second person (the sign out button is easily found in the Member Area).

Note that each person needs to have a unique email address. If you are registering children who do not have their own email, read the instruction below.

My child does not have their own email address? Read this

If you are registering a person (eg a child) who does not have their own email address, you can use a parent’s email address.

However, each email address can only be used once.

So if you registering multiple children or a parent and child,  you might be able to use the instruction below to register the second person who doesn’t have their own email:

  1. Register the first person (adult or child) using your normal email address.
  2. When registering the second child, in the email field, add “+[their name]” before the @, for example if the parent email is “[email protected]”, then the email you can use for the child can be “[email protected]”.
  3. When the child logs into this website, they can simply use their username you create below. Emails will come to your normal email address.

This “plus addressing” method will work for Gmail, Hotmail and many email accounts, but we know it WILL NOT work with iiNet, Westnet, Optus or Bigpond email addresses.

The safest solution to ensure you receive Kofukan emails, account renewal reminders and you can reset your password if you forget, is to use a different current email address for each person. If necessary, you can easily sign up for a free Gmail account.

"Email address already registered" error

If the registration form says the email address is already registered, this means you have previously created a membership account using the same email.

If you think this is first account you are creating, you can contact us. 

If you previously created an account that has expired or been cancelled, you can use the same login details to go to the Member Area and renew your account. If you have forgotten your password you can reset it through the login form.

If you are trying to register multiple people and you are using the same email address, please be aware each person needs a unique email address. The instructions above under “My child does not have their own email address” provide a solution.

I did not receive a confirmation email?

If you have signed up below, but did not receive an email confirmation:

  1. Check your spam and junk folders
  2. Login to the Member Area and go to Your Account -> Edit Your Profile and check your email address is correct.
  3. If you have used “plus addressing” for a child without their own email, your email provider may not support this and you will need to use a different email address.
  4. If you are still having trouble, Contact Us for help.

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