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Kofukan Shito-Ryu Invitational Development Tournament

On 15 September 2024, Kofukan Karate Australia will be hosting the Kofukan Shito-Ryu Invitational Development Tournament.

Venue: Kwinana Recquatic Centre, Robbos Way, Kwinana

Time: 9am to 4pm. A schedule will be provided to competitors before the day.

Entries must be received by Wednesday 11 September 2024.

Registrations Coming Soon


  • The focus is on providing a tournament environment for karate practitioners new to or developing in sport karate.
  • All competitors will experience at least 2 rounds of kata and 2 rounds of kumite – more time on the tatami!
  • Kumite as per WAKF modified rules in terms of points and penalties. Protective equipment must be supplied by competitors. More information on Kumite format below.
  • Kata is based on a points system for two rounds. Medal placings decided by flags in an additional round. More information on Kata format below
  • Events for all ages including under 7 years, adults and veterans up to 1st Kyu. Events for Shodan black belt up to 18 years only.
  • This event is also for development of referees, judges and other officials.
  • The focus of this tournament is inclusiveness and fun!


  • WAKF members and non-affiliated clubs by invitation. Deadline for invited clubs to register their interest: 31 August 2024. Members from invited clubs cannot enter until their club has registered with us.
  • The tournament is a Development tournament. Competitors falling into the following categories are NOT eligible to compete: State/National Team Members; Athletes who have won Gold in an Elite event.
  • Each club entering 5 or more competitors must provide a volunteer marshal, table official (scorer/timekeeper), judge and/or referee – more volunteers required for large contingents. Parents and senior students are encouraged to assist with marshal and table official roles, no particular experience required. Instructors experienced in refereeing are encouraged to volunteer. Judges should have a working knowledge of WKF kumite rules and kata assessment, noting that this tournament is also to develop skills in referees and judges.
  • All volunteers and officials must have a current Working With Children Card or fall into an exemption category.


  • $40 for all events (to be confirmed)
  • Discounts for families with multiple competitors

No Smoking WIthin 5 Metres of Doorway sign

The Kwinana Recquatic venue is accessible for spectators with disability with nearby accessible parking.

Kumite Rules

  • Kumite will run in line with WKF rules as modified by WAKF/AFK for juniors in terms of points and penalties that can be awarded.
  • No excessive contact. No head contact for events under 16 years. “Skin” only contact to head for 16+. No contact below the pelvis.
  • Compulsory safety equipment that MUST be supplied by the competitor: mouth guard
  • Compulsory safety equipment that must be worn and some sets will be available to borrow: WKF-approved-style mitts (red or blue, with or without thumb guard).
  • The following safety equipment is highly recommended and must be supplied by the competitor: groin guard (males 14+) and chest guard (females 14+).
  • The following safety equipment is highly recommended and some sets will be available to borrow at the tournament for juniors only, up to size medium: body armour, shin/foot protection, and head protection. Those aged 16+ will need to supply this equipment if it is used.

Kata Rules

  • Kata is based on a points system for two rounds, a score out of 0.0 and 9.9 will be awarded by three judges each round. One competitor will perform at a time.
  • The top two scoring competitors will compete in a third round for gold and silver placings. The next two scoring competitors will compete in a third round for bronze placing.
  • The third round is decided by flags. Juniors may compete side-by-side at the same time (aka v ao). Seniors will compete one after the other (aka then ao).
  • The first round must be a kihon kata:
    • Pinan/Heian shodan-godan
    • Saifa
    • Gekisai ichi/ni
    • Juroku
    • Beginners only up to 7th Kyu: may perform any basic four-directional kata, eg Shiho Sanshiki, Shiho-zuki, Taikyoku.
  • The second and third round are free choice, but must be on the WKF_Official_Kata_List_2023. Kata may be repeated.

Appearance & conduct

  • Competitor must wear a white karate-gi and bring their current rank belt (depending on the event, competitors may be asked to perform kata with their own belt except for flag rounds)
  • Competitors and spectators to follow the Code of Conduct.
  • Only registered officials in the competition area.
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15 Sep 2024


9:00am to 4:00pm
All Day




Kwinana Recquatic
Robbos Way, Kwinana WA 6167


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