Kofukan Karate Australia

Kofukan Principles

Dojo-Kun (motto)

  1. Reigi – Etiquette
  2. Sonkei – Respect
  3. Nintai – Perserverance
  4. Doryoku – Effort
  5. Sozo – Creativity
  6. Yuki – Courage

General aims of the Association

  1. Cultivate good personality and strong character
  2. Preserve correct techniques and katas
  3. Promote friendship among members

Instructor principles

  1. Respect the values of the traditional katas
  2. Unified study of kata and kumite
  3. Scientific approach in analysing techniques

Technical principles

  1. Do not make any unnecessary movements
  2. Do not use any unnecessary force
  3. Use the whole body to perform techniques
  4. Start the next movement from the present position
Kofukan principles and dojo kun (motto)
The Kofukan Dojo-Kun

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