Kofukan Karate Australia

Kofukan Australia goes national with Sensei Dave opening a dojo in Queensland

After 31 years of Kofukan karate in Australia, the first Kofukan dojo has opened outside Western Australia.

Dave Hatte (3rd Dan) moved to Queensland earlier this year and last week opened a dojo in Torquay, Queensland. Sensei Dave will initially focus on classes for over-50s and has named his club Lifestylz Karate. The name reflects the fact that practicing karate can help older people stay in shape, improve coordination and range of motion, which helps maintain independence and preserve their lifestyle. 

Lifestylz Karate in Torquay will be the fifth club and the ninth dojo within Kofukan Karate Australia.

Dave began training in martial arts in 1982, starting with taekwondo in Queensland. After five years of training, Dave moved to Western Australia, where he continued practicing taekwondo with a different style.

Dave trained with Pencak Silat for a while, then moved to Seito Shito Ryu Karate, where he continued training and teaching for 14 years. During that time, Dave trained and graded in Japan to 2nd Dan.

Dave joined Kofukan Karate Australia in 2016, and since graded to 3rd Dan.

For the last three years, Dave has been instructing in Sensei Don McKay’s dojos in Forrestdale and Kwinana.

Kofukan Karate Australia instructors fully supported Dave’s request to open a dojo. While having a regional club in Queensland will present some challenges, the Association Chairperson Don McKay said this is an “exciting venture and it’s great to see Kofukan Australia grow and prosper”.

We wish Sensei Dave all the best with his new dojo.

Photo of Dave Hatte
Sensei Dave Hatte, 3rd Dan