Kofukan Karate Australia

Fundraising for Tournament Protective Equipment

Sensei Don McKay with the delivery of personal protective equipment purchased with fundraising by Kofukan Karate Australia members, 29 August 2022

August 2022 commenced a big fundraising drive for Kofukan Karate Australia led by Sensei Don from Karate For Life (Baldivis, Kwinana and Forrestdale dojos).

The purpose of the fundraising is to allow Kofukan Karate Australia to purchase protective equipment to enable members to participate in State competitions without the large cost outlay that comes with buying the required protective equipment.

The first delivery of equipment came today, 29 August 2022 (pictured). 

“Parents can’t always afford the $400-something that is needed to fully equip a competitor for tournament kumite (sparring),” said Sensei Don.

So far fundraising has included:

  • members bringing their cans and bottles to the dojo, or collecting them at home to be cashed in and recycled at Containers for Change collection points – $539.20 so far, 
  • members selling Cadbury chocolate boxes – $1,318 so far,
  • students generously bringing in their own pocket money – $24!

“This way, students are contributing and taking ownership of the equipment that they use,” said Sensei Don.

The fundraising was significantly boosted by a generous $1,030 donation from local IT company Diversus, organised by Kofukan member, parent of three Kofukan students and employee of Diversus, Julie Koenig. Many thanks to Julie and Diversus.

All members are encouraged to contribute to fundraising by using the Containers for Change code below when recycling cans and bottles, or any other ideas you have.

Upcoming tournaments

The equipment purchased will be available to the Kofukan students registered for the upcoming Goju Kai Open Tournament on 11 September. There are 25 students registered to compete, and for most of them this will be their first tournament.

The equipment will also be available for all members to use at the Kofukan Inter-Club Tournament on 6 November 2022. This tournament is a friendly event for all students to get experience with tournament karate, whether they wish to compete in open State tournaments or just to overcome nerves and give it a go!

We will be aiming to purchase more equipment by November so keep those donations coming!

In the future, fundraising can be directed at other events and causes for the benefit of all members of Kofukan Karate Australia.

Kofukan code for Containers for Change