Kofukan Karate Australia

Brown Belts “Saifa” through their first training seminar of 2022

On Sunday 13 February 2022, nine brown belts and four black belts attended the first Brown Belt Seminar for 2022, held at the Meadow Springs Dojo.

Sensei Don, Sensei Iain, Sensei Lindon and Sensei Stuart provided instruction on Saifa for 2nd Kyu students and Gekisai Ichi for 3rd Kyu students, and finished with Hokei Kumite 1-5.

Key areas of focus were stances and correct technique, with students also encouraged to think about the technique from a practical perspective.

The next Brown Belt Seminar will be held on Sunday 15 May 2022, details will be provided on the Event Calendar page. All brown and black belts are encouraged to RSVP to receive updates on the time and venue.